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Kootenay Invasive Plants

Who are we?

Vision Statement

A network of partners collaborating to minimize the impacts of invasive species on the ecosystems, communities, and economy of the Central Kootenay region.


The Central Kootenay Invasive Plant Committee is a non-profit society that was formed by a group of residents and company/agency representatives who were interested in promoting collaborative approaches to invasive plant management in 2005. The Committee includes representatives from non-­profit societies, utility companies, government agencies, and regional companies. 

The purposes of the Society (as per the Committee’s Constitution), within the geographic area of the Regional District of the Central Kootenay and Areas A & B of the Regional District of the Kootenay Boundary, are to:

  1. Raise awareness and educate the public, government agencies, and other land managers about invasive species and their impacts in the area;
  2. Prevent the further introduction and spread of invasive species in the area through education and awareness, early detection and control, and coordinated integrated weed management efforts;
  3. Promote coordinated and collaborative management of invasive species between agencies and land occupiers;
  4. Work towards the control/containment of highly invasive non-­native species;
  5. Provide a conduit for information and a source of expertise on invasive species;
  6. Develop and maintain a comprehensive inventory of invasive species within the area of responsibility; and
  7. Hire and direct an Executive  Director to fulfill the purposes of the Committee, as required. 

To learn more about CKIPC's values, goals and objectives dowload the Strategic Plan 2014 to 2019